George Vasiloff

The Vasiloff Award

The George Vasiloff Award has been established by the Avon Lake Sports Hall of Fame Committtee to recognize individuals in the community who, by their actions, accomplishments, demeanor and positive manner, have supported athletics in Avon Lake.

The committee sought to honor a gentleman who was committed to the community, had a remarkable appreciation of athletics, was always willing to lend a hand and was visible at practically every imaginable event. George Vasiloff, an original Hall of Fame Committee member, was a great "friend of sports" in this town and epitomized the positive sports backer.

Award Recipients
1993 Bob Roesky 2002 Tom Myer 2012 Don George 2021 Walter Pajak
1994 Betty Wakefield 2003 Judge John Mackin 2013 Mike Moore 2022 Rick Urbin
1995 Don Kehoe 2004 Mike Kotowski 2014 Don Wozniak 2023 Jim Votruba
1996 John Runyan 2005 Dave Aslasken 2015 Bob Valek    
1997 Don Heidler 2007 Mike Abfall 2016 Mike Shiley    
1998 Ed Bloom 2008 Gino Strippoli 2017 Renee Stuart    
1999 Mike Maninno 2009 Fred Nelson 2018 Vince Frank    
2000 Ralph Nussle 2010 Bill Blakeslee 2019 Chuck Pettys
2001 Edith Sezbenski 2011 Terry Burke 2020 Ernie Radeff


2023 Special Recognition
Resilience and Inspiration Award
Brandon Miller

Many Avon Lakers are faced with challenges that can seem overwhelming, whether they be Emotional or Physical, Mental or Social. Some people rise to face the challenge and show considerable personal strength and spirit that is both impressive and humbling to see. This award aims to recognize and celebrate, within their relationship to the Avon Lake sports community, achieving "the impossible," and in overcoming their Adversity, offer hope and inspiration to others.


2022 Special Recognition
Resilience and Inspiration Award
Dustin Mitchell

For over thirty years Dustin has inspired Shoreman athletics to achieve their very best. His commitment and passion for Avon Lake sports is an inspiration to all. Whether it's basketball, baseball or football, he is truly an extension of each team. His endless smile and ability to remember every player and their jersey number have been an encouragement to countless Shoremen. Avon Lake is fortunate to have him in our community We are all proud of Dustin.

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