Avon Lake Sports Hall Of Fame

The Avon Lake Sports Hall of Fame’s purpose is to give lasting recognition to the outstanding sports figures and/or teams of Avon Lake who have demonstrated outstanding athletic ability at the high school, college, amateur or professional sports levels.

We strive to recognize those individuals who have contributed greatly to the promotion of sports through leadership, sponsoring, coaching or providing assistance to athletes of athletic programs.

It is our utmost desire to promote more interest in the athletic programs of Avon Lake.

Any interested citizen of Avon Lake is eligible to nominate individuals for induction into the Avon Lake Sports Hall of Fame.
Eligibility for nomination to Sports Hall of Fame
1. Resident at one time in Avon Lake.
2. Be at least thirt-five (35) years of age or deceased.
3. Have shown high moral values in life.
4. Have shown outstanding athletic ability or provided services to the sports programs of the City of Avon Lake while living in Avon Lake be it at the high school, college, professional, or amateur level.

Ron Pallinger, President
Doug Wichman, Vice President
Lance Meiners, Secretary
Glenn Vasiloff, Treasurer
Bill Blakeslee
Frank Bolognia
Lorie Clark
Dick Deasy (Emeritus)
Rich Dematte
Bucky Kopf
Herb Nussle
Brent Schremp
Renee Stuart
Becky Uszak
Bob Valek
While striving to do our best to recognize the individuals and teams of Avon Lake that have demonstrated outstanding athletic ability, we recognize that mistakes can be made. Please email us at alshof@yahoo.com concerning any discrepency you may have found on this web site or in the Hall of Fame located at Avon Lake High School. Every effort will be made to correct the issue. Thank you.

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