1948 Football Team

1949 Football Team

1950 Football Team

Avon Lake Six-Man Football Team

The 1948, 1949 and 1950 football team is the first team to be inducted. This exceptional team, comprised of many of Avon Lake’s finest athletes, compiled an impressive 19-0-2 record and the unofficial state title in the 6-man sport. The team was so powerful offensively that many of their games were called before regulation time, because of lopsided scores often with leads in excess of 50 points. The team set every scoring record on the books during their time and are still the “talk” when Avon Lake old-timers get together.

Members of the teams include:
Jerry Able, Norm Alten, John Andro, Bob Aufenkamp, Sam Babcock, Bill Bartolovich, John Bartolovich, Don Bates, Norman Bundy, Al Christ, Bill Dittmer, Bob Eissler, Tim Flynn, Karl Furniss, Al Hobar, Bill Holmes, Ken Johnson, Carl Kerekes, Ron Kessler, Roy Ladegaad, Don McIntosh, DickMeyer, Glen Morrison, Norm Musall, Chuck Robison, Pete Rockas, Virgil Schott, Allen Sebert, Dick Spaetzel, Jack Spaetzel, John Stefan, Carl Tomanek, Dick Tomanek, Cliff Waters, Bob Young, Richard Zellers

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