Mick Hutton

Mick Hutton, a 1967-68 graduate of Avon Lake High School, was one of the premier quarterbacks of his time. Although active in basketball and baseball, he distinguished himself beyond a doubt as one of Avon Lake’s finest quarterbacks in the school’s history. A member of the recently enshrined 1967-68 Hall of Fame football team, he was an All-Conference and All-Scholastic player. His senior year he threw for 15 touchdowns, a school record, and received a football grant to Akron University.

While at Akron he was one of the outstanding passers in the nation, and was given “Little All-American” honors after his junior year when he was the second leading quarterback in the country. Upon graduation from college he was given a try-out by the legendary George Allen and the Washington Redskins. He eventually went on to play in the Continental Football League.

Mick is presently living in the Chicago area and is employed by United Airlines.

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