Carmen Barth

As a 150 lb. middleweight fighter in the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles, Carmen Barth defeated the Argentine champion Armando Azar for the Gold Medal. This victory and Carmen’s boxing skills swept him into an illustrious 12-year professional career in which he fought five World Champions, defeating one, Freddie Steele for the title.

Barth was also in the spotlight out of the ring, and became popular in Hollywood, once appearing in a picture with Clark Gable and Spencer Tracey.

He was best known in Avon Lake, where he lived for 34 years, for his work with the youth of the community as a trainer, Golden Gloves promoter, and ambassador of amateur sports.

Carmen was a member of the Cleveland Boxing Hall of Fame, was an honorary member of the Lorain Sports Hall of Fame, and was honored in 1984 when the Olympics returned to Los Angeles, 52 years after his Championship performance, and he was recognized by the Olympic Committee. He died a year later on September 17, 1985.

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